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"Together we hold the key to World Class Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center in Anambra State, Nigeria"
All proceeds go toward the building of a world class Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center in Anambra State.

5 years ago, the Anambra women started the fight of a lifetime through Breast & Cervical Cancer Medical Missions to Anambra State. Breast Surgeons from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C partnered with us and performed so many surgeries in Anambra State over the years. Many lives were saved.

Today, ASA Women USA is focusing on Beyond Medical Mission. Together we can finish that fight by building a world class Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center in Anambra State. Your gift today will help finish the fight and SAVE MORE LIVES (see the attached sponsorship form).

We invite your organization to join in the fun! There are several ways to get involved.
• Become an event sponsor
• Form a team of walkers (5 or more participants)
• Encourage your co-workers and friends to volunteer
If you are interested in becoming an official sponsor of Walk for Hope 2013, please contact:
Dr (Mrs.) A. Uche Umeh, 301 520 3849, ucheumeh16@yahoo.com
Lady Ugo Nweke, 713 858 6053, ugonem1@yahoo.com
Mrs. Josephine Onor, 225 938 0697, joearise@aol.com
Princess Adaobi Ume-Ezeoke, 203 638 4303, omaskwe57@yahoo.com

Please make your check payable to ASA Women USA, mail to P.O.Box: 3611, Laurel, MD 20709-3611 or Pay online via PayPal at www.asawomenusa.org

Anambra State Women in USA have completed many projects in Anambra State, including, but not limited to yearly breast cancer medical mission to Anambra State with ASA USA Women & Children Committee under the leadeship of the former ChairLady, Dr (Mrs.) Anthonia Uche Umeh. This missions yielded donations of two Mammogram units to Anambra State Government in 2010

ASA Women USA's challenge for 2012 is to leave their imprint on the current Anambra States “Blue Print” for sustainable development either through collaborative efforts with all forward thinking Anambrarians from across the globe or through “Partnership in Service Projects” with the government of Anambra State on economic, education, health, and social development.

In a vintage “Anambra Spirit”, ASA Women USA under the leadership of Dr. Mrs.Uche Umeh,  shall be embarking on a FREE Maternal Health, Breast and Cervical Cancer Medical Mission to Anambra State, Nigeria. This mission is in collaboration with ASA World under the leadership of Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze; Anambra State Government; Georgetown University Hospital, Division of Breast Surgery; Crystal Run Healthcare, Division of OB-GYN, Middletown, NY; Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria and other major institutions/ organizations in the USA and in Nigeria. 

This mission will be looking at possible transfer of advance medical technology in Maternal Health, Breast and Cervical cancer treatments, the biggest killer of our mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters. This emerging exploratory medical ingenuity will position Anambra State well into the 21st century medical advancement. ASA Women USA is also positioning themselves for an active 2012 beginning with 5K Walk for Hope to End Maternal Health, Cure Breast /Cervical Cancer in Maryland on May 5 and in Houston on June 2nd, 2012 and Maternal Health, Breast & Cervical Cancer Medical Mission to Anambra State, June 28 - July 7, 2012, National ASA Women USA Annual Pink & Black Affair Fundraising Gala - hosted by ASA Women of Washington, D.C in October 12-14, 2012

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